LaNora Means Ministries
still keeping my sermon videos also available on this web-site in addition to my other sites, including the Roku and also the Radio. I have not yet opened up to say a little more about myself; including: interests, preferences, hobbies, etc. I have also included pictures and will continue to include more as I go along in working a little bit at a time. I also will talk about the goodness of the Lord in our lives we live everyday, always keeping God first in every sentiment, in good times and in bad times, remembering the fact that the work done at the Cross of Calvary is what gives us our every hope and assurance to come. Understanding The Holy Spirit’s presence within our lives gives us victory, strength, and comfort in a world full of turmoil. In addition to my others writings I have already done electronically, you will find pages that I will discuss a fuller meaning to testifying of God’s greatness by means of a true praise report of His marvelous care in glorifying His Name, also songs of praise and sermons of de- liverance, prayers of salvation, healing, restoration, blessing, and comforts, all given by Christ Jesus our Lord and Savior. I find my greatest passion in preaching God’s Word and praying salvation and healing, seeing others blessed and growing in the knowledge of His Love and Word. As time progresses, my prayers will continue in adding more and more sermons that I will preach as a lifelong passion and continue to learn and grow more and more so that I will be a better benefit to God’s Kingdom. With the grace of God, it is my desire to have short segments of personal comments that will add a “little bit a spice” to my life. This may also include comments made using pictures as illustrations in how lives are affected in many facets of life. I pray that in each and every page The Lord will bless your life tremendously! Numbers 6:24-26 In God’s Gracious Care, LaNora G. Means
I feel that this is the fitting time to be a little more informal in a few of these pages, but yet,