Consider this! If a person could take the time to reflect upon life and every prior experience, would one really want to go through the same experiences? Would you think that it would depend upon the outcome? Testimony of what God can do with a life after various trials could conclude that with the strength that He alone gives a life, brokeness can be mended into something beautiful. Nothing in this life as seen through the eyes of a person can be perfect, even with an earnest desire to reach a level to see things clearer. Often the view of looking at everything in a critical way seems to succeed in a way of thinking that hampers the growth of a life. It may sound appealing in testimony to make a comment of willingness to go through the very same hurtful experiences; but in reality, would one really want to suffer even though the cause was worth it? Maybe it would be commendable to really take the time to consider just what testimony is pleasing in God’s sight! In deeper explanation, the word testimony in the sense of a praise report, is giving glory to God and Him alone for what He has done for a life and heart (by the acceptance of His grace that He has already extended and His mercy received upon a life). This testimony involves an openness concerning that acceptance of His salvation through Jesus Christ and the thankfulness of the work of The Holy Spirit upon a life. Also, a praise report is beneficial to a walk of faith within a Christian’s life, by bringing encouragement to trust God more all the while sharing of Christ’s love and blessing of His goodness He brings to a situation. So, in summary, the testimony used by what God intended is to bring glory to His Name, and it is an individual matter of not only a true heart changed, a work of The Holy Spirit within; but it is also a faith-filled outlook with a growing response to trust God more in every situation. It gives hope and encouragement to persevere in the heat of battles that bombard the thinking and attack the senses.
LaNora Means Ministries
You may have heard the familiar phrase of what a person goes through in this life in how it could either “make” or “break” a person. First, consider how the trials we go through in this life could “make” us stronger (if we view it in perspective of a walk of faith and trust in God). If this does not exist within a life, even though it seems that problems are handled well, it does not substantiate that life is lived out well. For the final outcome would still not be enough to “make it to heaven”. It takes a real acceptace of Christ Jesus. In that, we are made partakers of His grace that He extended in order to appreciate His mercy. Then all these earthly sufferings will seem as nothing in view that eternity with God is forever rejoicing in His presence. Also, take a look even closer at the word “break”. It would be suitable to say that this word could also have both a positive and a negative effect upon one’s life. If it is understood in a positive effect, then a break down of one’s thinking would be allowing one’s heart to be thoroughly examined by God with a response to God’s message of truth He gives us in Jesus. This not only gives us peace with God, but also hope to endure every situation we face. But if that “break” involves letting sin rule our lives, then every endeavor to withstand battles will only lead to heartbreak. The point made here is clear. The greatest praise report ever is a soul saved from the pits of hell! That is why it is important to realize that every situation we face, the way we stand strong is to “make” each moment count to Praise God, and “break” our own thinking in submissive trust to God’s best for our lives through Christ Jesus our Lord and Savior! Praise God forever and evermore! Do we ever really take the time to thank God for all He has done for our lives? Our human nature consists of always asking God to do various things for our lives, but our appreciation to His Goodness seems to be taken for granted many times. We often want to place an emphasis upon elevating our ideas of complaint above the standard of putting God first in a manner of realizing He desires first place in praise of Who He Is. Taking a close look at the word “extol” as a verb meaning “to raise”, we need to understand that GOD, “HE IS ETERNAL, HE IS SELF-EXISTENT, He alone is to be lifted up in the highest praise. So when your life feels dry and everything or everyone seems against you, you can draw from a source as though being drawn into a refreshing that even no earthly water could quench. So He lifts us up from our problems because we put Him first in praise of thankfulness of His deliverance from all our problems giving us favor in healing, and the prosperity that could only truly come from Him! (With focus of Psalm chapter 30) As with the word “extol”, in giving God the highest praise, as believers in Jesus, the victory that we have in Him is certainly something to rejoice about with our whole being. By knowing Jesus, we hear His Words of life and enter into that saving relationship with Him. Because He is that living Word, we can enjoy that fellowship with Him to the fullest in the abundance of those blessings He gives us. With the life we have in The Holy Spirit, that hope penetrates to the very core of our existence in order to worship Him in lifting Him up in the authority of His mighty name. And there is coming a time, as stated in Revelation 19, as the first part of this speaks of a scene in heaven as to where a great multitude is heard shouting praises to The LORD our God, Who defeats all wickedness, giving Him honor, saying “Alleluia; Salvation, and glory, and honour, and power, unto the Lord our God:” (Rev. 19:1) So take a look at the word “Hallelujah”. This word of Hebrew origin of two words. First, the word “hallel” meaning “praise”, and second, the word “Jah”, which is the Lord, most vehement. The word “vehement” as a descriptive word “showing strong feeling”. When you think of the extreme power God has over all wickedness that is to be judged, and the force of His judgment that takes full effect, no wonder there is power in praise to Him in glorifying Him for salvation through Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior, Who gives us the victory to triumph over the forces of evil. We have every reason to be glad! Psalm 68:3- “But let the righteous be glad; let them rejoice before God: yea, let them exceedingly rejoice.” LaNora G. Means