LaNora Means Ministries
Every time we think of suffering and affliction that we may encounter in this life, if we would just take a moment and meditate upon what the Scripture says of the promise of victory ahead for those who trust in what Jesus did for us, the problems we face would pale in comparison to the joy we will one day experience when we look upon the One Who gave Himself for us that we may rejoice forever in His presence. Jesus took all our sin, pain, and misery that we rightly deserve, laying down His life for us and taking it up again. He could only do that by the will of God our Father and the authority given Him in the power invested in the plan of salvation that God Himself had given that we may be reconciled to Himself. Despite every obstacle of thinking that tries to explain it away of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ our Lord, there is no plausible theory that can match to the real truth that “Jesus Is Risen!” (Matthew 28:6; Mark 16:6; Luke 24:6; John 20:19-20) It gives us great peace to know the truth and live by faith in that truth that by that magnificent grace our pitiful condition of human frailness of thinking can be turned into a powerful testimony of what God can do with a life changed by the power of His divine Word upon our hearts. It is an individual matter to accept; but, as one accepts, we have a common bond of love bestowed upon us that gives us a fellowship together in an inheritance far greater that any earthly one. By His Spirit upon our lives, that Holy Spirit given inside brings the deepest peace and the most wonderful blessing that we could ever receive. All of this does not end end with just receiving Him into our hearts. We are to live in Him in the obedience of His Word with all the love He gives, we are to show forth, and put forth to tell of the good news of the Gospel of Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior. It will be worth it all for someday we will behold His Glory and live and reign with Him forever! Watch “Will You Believe and Stand Fast?”, and be transformed by the love of what Jesus has done. LaNora G. Means