LaNora Means Ministries
The words of Jesus are sure in the blessings He stated of the condition that brings about the promise of the favor of God upon one’s life who trusts in and believes in the salvation plan that God gave through Jesus; for, it is in that hope that the victory of the promises are secured. The revelation of the fullness of those promises are even greater to our future. In eternity with Him, we will then experience the greatest result of peace in the purest joy in the glory of His presence for evermore. Watch “From Grief To Joy”, and take notice that it is now that the true heartfelt condition of grief should be one of remorse of the sinful conditions that could jeopardize one’s soul; but there is also often grieving of heart in this life, (even when one does all they can to trust in God for provision and strength) perhaps after devastation, injury, or loss). In this life, it may seem unfair as to what feels of the balance of life in that some seem to prosper while others are hurting. It is for certain that we as humans all face grief; but,the difference is our perspective. For the born-again believer, the walk of faith is put to the test: As when under trial, we know the outcome is one of better days ahead; for, we have comfort in the promises of God and the new covenant blessings through The Holy Spirit’s power that is bestowed upon our lives (by the grace of God to help us through our pitiful condition), that is beyond any human capacity or right. We can also believe with an assurance that there is a time coming when God Himself will wipe away every tear and that there will be a new order of life that will outshine even the brightest of so-called satisfaction that this time frame of life seems to extend. Those who have received their consolation in this life are those who seek gratification now and do not realize that their soul condition before God is at a loss. For those who have rejected the mercy that God extends have sealed their doom with what they thought would glorify themselves now. That is the sad plight of the unbelieving that have rejected the living Word of God that He gave in what Jesus has given by the very will of God! LaNora G. Means